Linda Aquaro speaks about her Chronicles of Resistance

When taking in the full catalog of work by Italian artist Linda Aquaro, “resistance”might not be the first thing that pops into your head. Her work jumps seamlessly between graphic illustration, figurative painting, and abstract landscapes. She has all the hallmarks of an evolving artist who treats each painting as a chance to explore a different style, medium or motif.
In filtering through the hundreds of submissions that I received for this artist invite, the one thing that I came to understand is that resistance is a wildly subjective notion. A notion that can be as docile or extreme as the intention put behind it.In the case of the works submitted by Linda Aquaro, she takes the direct approach to her expression of resistance.

“The work I presented is part of a cycle realized some years ago, entitled “Chronicles of resistance”. This collection includes works inspired by the theme of struggle and survival as acts of political subversion and as acts of personal and intimate revolution. I believe that the concept of resistance must be understood in a broader sense, since it is linked to another subversive act that we manage to accomplish in our daily life. Loving and thinking, for example, are acts of daily resistance, and in this sense, they are certainly the simplest and at the same time the most complex political actions we can carry out.

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